Just Like That!

So, I was “Saved“, Just Like That! I don’t know about any of you and your experiences with “being saved” or “reborn” or “born again”, how ever you want to put it, or maybe you haven’t even made that choice yet. Or like me, you don’t even know what that means. My initial reaction was a feeling of joy, peace, relief, nervousness, but above all, a feeling that I had been accepted by God completely. That no matter what I had done in the past, I had been forgiven and no matter what I do in the future I know Jesus still loves me!

I couldn’t believe it was that easy, I had been led to believe my whole life that “being saved” meant something different. I never really knew what it meant but I was told things that made me believe you were weird or a “bible beater” or in a strange church somewhere in the deep woods speaking in tongues and shaking around on the floor or dancing around with your hands in the air chanting things.

It was something my family didn’t talk about that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I was brought up to believe in God and the Holy Bible. I went to church every Sunday and was a good Catholic girl who felt guilty at the drop of a hat. I always believed in God and all his teachings. I never even doubted religion, I just didn’t really get it.

I am finally at the age of 38, “getting it”.





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