Now What?

So, I have been “saved“, now what?

That is a question many of you may be asking yourselves a few days after your “big event”. You probably don’t feel much different than you did before, but you might just have a little “skip in your step” that you didn’t have before. It might be a better mood, more patience with your children or spouse, more motivation to pray or speak to God or you have become more curious about His teachings and the relationship He wants to have with you.

Keep in mind we are all human and we are all sinners. “Being Saved” doesn’t mean you are all of a sudden going to become perfect or sinless. It doesn’t mean you will be magically turned into someone else and all your problems will go away, or all your stress will just disappear.

No, it means much more than that! It means that you have invited God to come live in you!¬†You have a new Hope in you! And that in itself, will begin a change in you. There is no turning back, you have accepted God’s grace and you are a True Believer!

I would love to invite you to watch the same broadcast that I watched the day I was saved. You can find it on ¬†Once you are there go to the broadcasts tab and scroll down to March 25 “A Living Hope”. You are on your way to Being Saved!




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