“Enjoy The Hassle”

“Enjoy the Hassle” is a phrase I heard while listening to one of my favorite radio stations, 93.3 The Star, based out of Cincinnati Ohio area. (It is a contemporary christian station).

The phrase came with an uplifting story about a young couple who were at the beach with there toddler. While they were in a hurry to leave and caught up in the moment of getting their things together and wrangling their young one away from the distractions at the beach, the mom heard a voice say “those were the days”.

She turned to look and it was an older couple passing by while they walked along the beach. She told the radio station that that comment changed her outlook on life and being a parent.

As a parent of three, myself, life can get a bit crazy and overwhelming. I loved this story and I will now try to “enjoy the hassle” as much as possible. For when it is gone, it is gone and you can’t get these days back.

Photograph courtesy of Erin Waynick Photography


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