who is my reader? “A blog without judgement”

Who is my reader? Hmm… I have been thinking about that this morning sense my day 4 assignment from WordPress in Basic Fundamentals in Blogging, is to figure out my reader and who I am trying to reach? While finishing up my 20 minute Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout, oh and I must add, I have been working on this 30 day shred workout for about 6 years! Lol, I actually used this video “religiously” after my second baby was born to lose the 60 lbs. I had gained while pregnant! This isn’t a plug for you to go out and buy it, but it does work! Now, I just use it as part of a regular work out routine when I don’t get a run in or I feel like I have gained a couple pounds that I don’t enjoy looking at in the mirror, basically just to stay fit.

Getting back on topic, I thought there are a couple different kinds of readers I would like to reach. Of course, I would like to reach those like minded individuals because that is “safe“, but I would also like to reach the “unbelievers“, or people who are “on the fence” or not sure what they believe or have been struggling with faith. Or, like in my case, I have always been a believer but there were a lot of things I didn’t understand or was quite frankly, just ignorant about. I never took the time to study His word until recently. I also grew up reciting prayers with no meaning. Yes, said them, probably everyday but I din’t even know what I was saying, I just said them because that is what I was supposed to do. We had to memorize prayers as children for our catechism classes or face being embarrassed if we didn’t know them. How about breaking them down for us, so we could understand what we were saying?

As an adult, I have chosen to go to many different kinds of churches. Being a military family we are forced to search for a new church family with every move. We have found some great churches out there and non of them have been the same denomination, but they have all taught the word of God in a way my family and I can relate to and find some understanding. Finding the right one, has taken us, during one move in particular, 10 different churches within a matter of 3-6 months to find that “right one”. But when you find it, you just know. Our most recent move, from Texas to Ohio has found to be the easiest transition to a church family that we have had yet. We only had to attend 2! Check them out at www.4cumc.org .  Their slogan is “a church without walls” now, isn’t that inviting? We have made bigger non-denominational churches our church family a couple times in the past and those have been great and we got out of them what God wanted us to get out of them at the time, until He moved us on. This church has been great for every member of my family in some way and that is comforting. My oldest daughter, who is 11 said, ” I kind of like this smaller church feel and I like that a lot of the members are old people, I like talking to them, they are so nice!”

So, I guess if I were to try and pinpoint “a reader”, I don’t think I could pick one, I would like to reach all different kinds of people out there, not just ones who are already followers of Jesus but also those on a journey to find that path. Like the slogan made by “my church”, I would like my blog to be ” a blog without judgement”



“who I am and why I’m here”

Who am I? Hmmm…. Well, first and most important, I am a child of God. My name, whom He calls me by is Melanie. There, that is about as deep as I will get because I don’t want to scare anyone away. Okay, so I am writing this post because I decided to do the Learning the Fundamentals class offered by WordPress. On day one, I am supposed to tell all of you awesome bloggers out there who I am and why I am here. And sense I don’t know much about blogging, as I posted in a past post, I thought “what would it hurt?”

I don’t really like to talk about myself, for I feel like I would probably just bore all the readers. I am a military wife of 12 years and of stay at home mom of 3 children. Ages 11, 7, and 2. Stay with me, it gets better. As a military family we move about every 3 years. This can take a toll on a family , as many of you probably already know. On our most recent move from San Antonio, Tx to Dayton, Oh, ( I know right? That’s what I thought too) . Oh, and we moved in January!! Holy Freezing!! Anyways, I won’t bore you with all the details of moving across country with 3 children during a school year, I will leave that up to your imagination, a few words to help you imagine would be sadness, loneliness, fear and yes, did I mention we were freezing? So, somewhere after moving in and getting my two oldest off to their new schools, I discovered a T.V. channel TBN. I know, I had nothing better to do but stare at boxes that needed to be unpacked and pictures to be hung and furniture to be placed somewhere, oh and all the toys and clothes to be put away while my husband was already at his new job 10-12 hours a day because that is just how the military works. So, sense all that seemed too overwhelming and not to mention, I had a 2 year old little boy home with me wanting to go outside and play or do something that he would call “fun” and I was still expected to feed my family some kind of food from a kitchen that wasn’t completely put together yet and clothe them with clean clothes etc.., you know all those regular things we do when we aren’t moving into a new home. I found myself intrigued by what they were saying on this channel.

I really don’t know how much you want to read, but I am going to keep going. So, I got hooked on Joyce Meyer, I mean how can’t you, she is so positive and encouraging. During this time, I also started reading a book, a dear friend of mine from Texas gave me while we were saying our goodbyes. I must say, sometimes those goodbyes can feel like a death. You tell them you will see them again, but deep down you know you won’t or that chances are very slim. The name of the book is titled “Believe” I honestly didn’t know if I would ever read it, when she gave it to me. But something made me pick it up one day and start reading. I never imagined how reading a book could make me feel such comfort. (There is power in His word)!

So, instead of making a long story even longer, I continued to read the book every day, and when I say every day, I mean 10-20 minutes a day, I really didn’t have anymore time than that to give.  I also started getting up at 5:45 to catch Joyce Meyer’s show Enjoying Everyday Life on TBN that airs at 6:00 before my kids would get up at 6:30 to start their day. I figured if I could watch it before they got up, I wouldn’t feel guilty about watching TV during the day when I am needed to do my chores and take care of my family.

One other thing that always seems to happen to me when we move, is I start getting this overwhelming feeling to do something different with my life, to give it more purpose, (note the title of my blog) whether it be start a new business, get a job, etc.. the possibilities are endless in my mind. Crazy huh? Well, this move wasn’t any different, I started having this urge to blog. Even know I didn’t even know really, what that was. I always thought, and don’t take offense, blogging was rather a waist of time. And I really thought reading them was even more of a  waist of time. I know, I am sorry, I just didn’t know. So, I researched them and even paid to start one? Luckily I got my money back when I realized I didn’t have to pay for one, especially sense I wasn’t going to be making any money blogging, sense the stats don’t look so good for that option, at least not for me. So, here I am a small town girl who still doesn’t know much about blogging but I am here to write in hopes that I can be inspirational to all my readers and lead by His example.

So, I am here because of “that urge” I felt, and I am finally going to go with it this time.

Sometimes that “urge” is God trying to tell you something and you should listen.

Give Purpose to your life but always try keep Him number one in all you do.

So, I would love to continue to share my stories of “life” living as a military family and as a follower of God. (The featured image was taken at our surprise “coming home” reunion for our children when my husband returned home from a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan.)

Photography courtesy of Erin Waynick Photography